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A Dream Come True (Original)
A Dream Come True (Original)
A Dream Come True (Original)
A Dream Come True (Original)

A Dream Come True (Original)


Introducing "A Dream Come True" - A Serene Limited Palette experimental Mixed Media painting on canvas. Step into a world of tranquil beauty with "A Dream Come True," This beautiful work of art invites you to immerse yourself in a moment of serenity and contemplation. The canvas features a meticulously handcrafted lavender border, adorned with a delicate relief of small deep purple leaves gracefully stenciled around the top and sides. Below, the border seamlessly transitions into a repeating motif of birds and flowers, mirroring the same enchanting lavender and deep purple hues. This combination of colors and patterns sets the stage for the captivating portrait within.

At the heart of this artistic creation stands a raven-haired young woman, reminiscent of a modern-day Snow White. She is adorned in an exquisite white dress, delicately embellished at the waist.

Her lustrous mane of hair flows in graceful tendrils around her shoulders, With eyes gently closed, she appears to be in a moment of introspection, perhaps making a heartfelt wish. Cradled in her hands is a pristine white rose, symbolizing purity and love.

As your gaze wanders, you'll be drawn into the intricate tapestry-like background, featuring the graceful imagery of horses and intricate flourishes, intertwined tree branches, and more. A careful observer will discover a subtle yet profound detail: a deer antler gracefully affixed to one side of the woman's head, mirroring a branch or flourish in the background on her other side.

The antler serves as a poignant symbol, open to interpretation. It may represent freedom, a wild and untamed spirit, tenderness, trust, vulnerability, and an eagerness to embrace love and true connections. Both the antler and the white rose feature delicate silver leaf embellishments, adding a touch of radiance and contrast to the composition.

The overall essence of "A Dream Come True" is one of tranquility and stillness, like a suspended breath, an inhale and pause, a moment of profound beauty found in the natural world. This artwork invites you to contemplate the serenity of nature's beauty and the beauty within nature itself.

More than a painting; it's an invitation to pause, reflect, and appreciate the beauty in every moment. Make "A Dream Come True" yours and let its soothing presence transform your surroundings and your spirit.


Original Mixed Media painting on 30"x40" canvas. Carefully packaged & shipped with

UPS or FEDEX. A tracking number will be sent to you.