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Hunters & Gatherers (Original) - Tanya Johnston Art
Hunters & Gatherers (Original) - Tanya Johnston Art

Hunters & Gatherers (Original)


"Hunters and Gatherers" is a captivating mixed media painting that transports you to a realm of symbolism and spirituality. In this striking artwork, a woman strides purposefully through a golden wheat field, her gaze fixed on the distant horizon. By her side, a regal lion walks in harmony with her, embodying strength and grace.

What sets this piece apart is the woman's distinctive attire: a sheepskin mantle drapes around her neck, and a living lamb's head peeks out from her shoulder, while she carries a sheaf of wheat and a scythe under her arm. These elements weave a profound narrative, symbolizing the roles of both hunter and gatherer of souls for the Kingdom of God.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): "Hunters and Gatherers" stands as a thought-provoking and spiritually charged work of art that engages the viewer in a profound exploration of faith and purpose. Its rich symbolism invites contemplation of the dual roles we play in life – as protectors and nurturers, as well as harvesters of spiritual truths. The powerful imagery of the lion, lamb, wheat, and scythe conveys a message of balance, courage, and devotion in our quest for spiritual enlightenment. This painting serves as a visual and spiritual journey, making it a remarkable addition to any collection and a conversation starter for those seeking deeper meaning in art.


Original Mixed Media painting on 22"x30" Fabriano Artistico Paper, luxuriously mould-made 100% cotton. Acid-free, pH neutral, chlorine-free. I have been painting on Fabriano paper for the past 10+ years because of its excellent all around qualities. All care was taken through the entire process to keep the final outcome as pristine as possible. However, sometimes unplanned events occur during the painting process that cause "bleeds", where leakage of fluid pigment may bleed through barriers and cause staining. This is rectified where possible/sensible but ultimately some bleeds may remain, ultimately adding to the charm of an original artwork.

Ships UNFRAMED & carefully packaged within protective Foam Board, boxed & shipped with UPS or FEDEX. A tracking number will be sent to you.